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Why Choose Grassroots Outdoors?

Why Choose the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance?

"The grass is not, in fact, always greener on the other side of the fence. No, not at all. Fences have nothing to do with it. The grass is greenest where it is watered. When crossing over fences, carry water with you and tend the grass wherever you may be."

Because this is the way to maximize the resources flowing into your business.

As independent outdoor specialty retail owners and operators, we know that the only way to compete in today's volatile marketplace is to put the right resources into our own businesses.

We are in the outdoor business because we love the outdoors and we love equipping our customers to get out there and experience it too. So investing in and nurturing our businesses - watering our grass - is what Grassroots is all about.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance members work together to improve all of our businesses - by collaborating, sharing and speaking with one voice to the rest of the industry.

Growing independently by utilizing the power of the group.

Let’s face it. We are seldom the only choice our customers have for outfitting themselves. In fact, over the past two decades the outdoor market has been flooded with mass merchants and online retailers luring your customers and community away from shopping locally. In some cases, even the brands we buy from are competing for the very same customer dollar we are.

How do we stay alive, let alone thrive in such an environment? Is it our brand mix, the perfect marketing campaign, the right connection with our customers, buying at a better discount? What brands are really hot at independent specialty retail? What marketing campaigns are best connecting with the kind of customers you want walking in your shop? Are there better ways of connecting with your customers that other people have tried and are having success with? Are there better programs available from the vendors you are buying from?

Grassroots provides the tools, opportunities and added resources to increase your bottom line

Grassroots offers a wide range of services to make your business better. From collectively negotiated programming to special marketing collaborations, exclusive product introductions to early access to closeout opportunities, Grassroots gives you the extra margin to flourish. In addition, twice a year Grassroots hosts buying shows (Summit and Connect) which give you access to over 75+ brands and over 100 specialty retailers just like you. It's a buying show created by retailers for retailers. As a benefit to its attendees, Grassroots reimburses retailers for a substantial amount of their travel and lodging expenses.

The answers are to be found by working together.

Over two decades ago, a small handful of independent outdoor specialty owners decided that the best way find the answers to these questions was to talk with one another, share best practices and work together to influence brands. Today, the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance has grown to over 61 outdoor retailers with over 130 individual storefronts across the United States. While highly varied, these shops share one common goal; to see independent outdoor specialty retail remain financially healthy, and remain the best places in our communities to be equipped and educated in all things outdoors. How do they do that? By collaborating on best practices, sharing successful ideas, participating in ongoing education in all areas of their business, and operating as one voice to their brand partners in garnering the best programs and products for independent outdoor specialty.

Why choose Grassroots?

Because there is no better partner in seeing your business succeed and thrive in today’s constantly shifting outdoor marketplace than 60+ other like-minded outdoor retail entrepreneurs.