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Brand Partner Benefits

“Because of our partnership with Grassroots, we are able to better get our hands around how to communicate and partner with independent specialty outdoor. Grassroots is such a diversified assortment of specialty outdoor small businesses that taking their pulse is like taking the pulse of the entire specialty sector. Grassroots buying shows are the highlight of our year. Where else can you get sixty amazing specialty outdoor accounts together in a professional and focused environment and just get work done. We value our partnership with Grassroots."


  • Guaranteed invitation to Grassroots buying shows (Summit and Connect)
  • Regular, consistent communication with Kevin Lee, Grassroots Brand Manager and Grassroots President Wes Allen
  • Facilitated interaction and dialogue between specialty retail owners, buyers and managers and brand senior management and salesforce
  • Retail education opportunities that help you and your team become better at selling, communicating and servicing specialty outdoor.
  • Access to brand specific reporting data on Grassroots aggregated membership through NPD and SportsOneSource


  • Develop more effective programming that syncs with the unique needs and challenges of specialty outdoor.
  • Grassroots buying shows bring the best of specialty outdoor to you with a confirmed, invitation only, retailer attendance list
  • Early order deadlines lead to better forecasting and brand purchasing (not talk,but paper in hand)
  • Regular business planning meetings between retailers and brand management help brand, salesforce and retailer to better communicate for more effective execution and follow through
  • Opportunity to move closeouts earlier at a higher price and with less impact on the greater retail landscape
  • Grassroots branded educational seminars show brands and reps how to effectively clinic, sell to and sell through with independent specialty outdoor
  • In house Business Analyst helps brands identify potential concerns and opportunities within the Grassroots membership
  • Early buying shows, with a cross section of specialty retailers attending, allow for a better sense of the “how, where and what” to sell in your product line

Sustain Specialty Outdoor

  • Conservation efforts coordinated through our retail members and the Grassroots office
  • A leadership role to support, grow and sustain independent outdoor specialty retail.